Assembly To Address “Profane” Song

Several male students – mainly athletes – will apologize formally at an assembly in the auditorium Thursday November 18th for “a profane song referring to a number of female students by name.”

Principal Kevin Taylor announced the special assemblies that will focus on dealing with sexism similar to that on the campuses of every high school in the country.

Teachers at McClymonds support the open debate.

“It’s good to confront sexism so that we can start a conversation earlier rather than later,” says Ina Bendich, Director of the Law Academy.

One response to “Assembly To Address “Profane” Song

  1. Jo Ellen Brainin Rodriguez

    It is a credit to the institution that there is accountability and an open response that generates genuine dialogue about sexism, addresses transgressions and reparations. The discussion will enhance the overall emotional competence of the school and help address all the other -isms we comfront on a daily basis. All of you deserve an environment that does not get its power by diminishing anyone else, and really lives its values of inclusion.

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