Risky Texting

Thumbs working overtime

by: B.Tindle

Teens, on average, send about 120 text message a day as well as spending three to four hours on social networking sites.

Recent studies have shown that teens are at risk when texting. I’m not talking about texting and driving. Teens are at risk of developing thoughts of suicide, eating disorders, becoming anti-school, and falling into drug abuse.

I don’t text, myself, but if I did own a phone I would definitely be texting Jesus until the sun sets.

Although, researchers say that texting itself is not the root cause of these teen issues, but it does create a pathway to the problems. Teens text about relationships and view media everyday. It’s not hard to believe that texting and social media can cause such problems.

2 responses to “Risky Texting

  1. I’m curious about where these statistics came from. (specifically about the # of texts per day & # of hours on the networking sites)


    • Hi. Sorry that I’m answering for blog, but it would take a while for our writer to find the article she used for the commentary.

      The stats come from a New York Times piece quoting a study by Case Western Reserve, of which Dr. Scott Frank was the lead author. It is based on answers to more than 4,000 students at 20 urban high schools in Ohio.

      Our writer identified with the “heavy texters” — about 20 percent of the the kids surveyed who send AT LEAST 120 texts a day. She believes that many of the kids at Mack text for several hours a day.

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