Vance Wins First Place

  1. winner at debate

    by David Michael

    Stephen Vance, 16, a junior at McClymonds, won first place at the novice Bay Area Urban Debate League on December 11-12.

Vance, who went maverick (or solo), entered the two-day weekend tournament at Balboa High School in San Francisco. More than 30 debate teams attended the tournament, ranging from San Francisco, Oakland, and other East Bay cities. Other Mack debaters included David McNeal (11th place individual speaker in varsity division), Maria McClain and Lateefah Edmondson (in novice division).

On Saturday, Vance faced three teams, and recorded three victories. He won the 9th place speaker trophy and qualified for Sunday’s final rounds.

In Sunday’s final rounds, Vance competed against the remaining top four teams. His winning argument was that the collapse of Aghanistan was tied to Pakistan’s nuclear weapons arsenal getting into the hands of terrorists.

“I just wanted a bigger trophy for McClymonds,” said Vance.

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