Why Guns Should Not Be Allowed

The shooting in Arizona that left 6 dead including a federal judge,
congressional aide, and a 9-year-old girl is a perfect example as to
why guns should not be allowed to the public.
Some people believe that the second amendment to the constitution
gives them the right to carry guns.  I believe that this is a
People should have no right to guns unless they are soldiers fighting
for their country.  For those who argue that guns are a form of
protection, they should know if there weren’t guns in the possession
of criminals, there wouldn’t be a need to purchase guns for
I think it’s great that a pizza place in Tucson banned guns. That’s a

Lisa Boyakins, junior, McClymonds

Lisa Boyakins, junior, comments about Arizona shooting

8 responses to “Why Guns Should Not Be Allowed

  1. I love your post, passion and enthusiasm. I agree that the Arizona shooting was a horrible day in our history. I just don’t think it automatically means we should not allow guns in our society. I think our second amendment rights are pretty clear and are not being misinterpreted. Our founding fathers thought is was pretty important for us to have arms which why they delibrately put it in the constitution.

    Thanks for your post

    • We were not basing our opinion on that one tragic incident. There are so many instances of a lone gunman letting loose. Columbine. Virginia Tech. Everywhere in Oakland.

      But imagine if the sniper/gunman had to use a knife and stab fifty people fifty times. He probably would have stopped or been subdued pretty quickly. How about bearing “arms” that are not guns or automatic guns? Pick rock, scissors, paper, plastic, pen knife, even axe….

      Macksmack staff

      • Pseudocognitive

        I’m not in favor of mentally unstable people having guns. In the majority of the high profile mass shootings, the perpetrator never should have been able to buy guns. They slipped through the cracks of an inefficient system. It’s possible to more stringently regulate people with mental illnesses that may predispose them to violence while still preserving the right for responsible people to own guns.

  2. I also wanted note that if we lose our right to keep and own guns we will then no longer be Free.

    Thanks again.

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  4. Pseudocognitive

    I understand your feelings, and I share your sadness about the attack in AZ and all of those that go unreported by the media across the country, but banning guns (constitutional issues aside, as those can be argued to death with no minds changed) is impossible. I am a gun owner. I’m not a single-issue voter, though. I favor CCW for responsible, competent citizens, and the attack in AZ was not committed by a mentally stable, qualified person. There’s much left to be done to prevent people like that from easily accessing guns, but, bottom line, violent criminals will always obtain guns. Making it even harder for responsible people to obtain and carry guns for self defense will put absolutely no dent in the ability of violent, bad people in general getting them, because many of their guns are obtained through illegal means.

    The media would have us all think that this issue sharply cuts along political lines; if so, I don’t know how they’d successfully classify me. I’m a lifelong Democrat. I worked for President Obama’s campaign and I voted for him. I’ve been voting since I turned 18 in 1976, and I have never, ever voted for a Republican for president. I don’t agree with every one of President Obama’s positions and decisions (if a person finds himself or herself agreeing with any other person 100% of the time, some deep introspection is called for;-), but I support him in general and on many (most) issues. I definitely stand against the vast majority of the Republican platform. I think there are more people like me than the media–those who package the information we get–want us to know. They (the media) thrive on conflict and on cartoon-like oversimplifications. People are more complex than that.

    At any rate, it’s good to see young people blogging about important issues. Keep it up!

  5. One question,

    1. If we ban guns from the public, what do we do when the criminal pyschopath walks through the door with an AK-47?

    A. Die

  6. Define criminal? Someone that does not obey the laws of society? Sounds about right to me.

    So now explain to me how you will make guns disappear without using laws that criminals do not obey?

    Humans are animals, animals kill for many reasons, humans will always kill each other; how they do it is not of concern.

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