Hard work pays off — my part-time job

I am currently a senior at McClymonds educational complex. I have been here since the 9th grade and have seen many changes to this school. McClymonds School was two schools at first, Best and Excel, but since the principal,  Yetunde Reeves left and took some of the teachers with her, there  has been a dramatic change.

There’s no more Best or Excel and the school is a “whole school” again.

McClymonds has a new principal along with new staff. I believe that only five teachers stayed from the previous year. The students and teachers had to make a huge adjustment. There are a lot of negative things you would hear about McClymonds educational complex. But there are a lot of positive things like: the teachers really care about the students and now there is one on one tutoring if needed, after school programs, peer-leadership, the guitar club, the sport team, and also a lot of great history behind the school.

As a student you just have to take advantage of the opportunities, nobody is going to hand you anything.

As a senior, I am on track to graduate and I only have 4 classes a day. Because of my grades and my academic standing, I was given the opportunity to work downstairs in the Career and College readiness Offices. The adult school is located on the first floor at McClymonds High school.

I really didn’t know what I would be doing. By working in an adult school, I have learned a lot. For an example, I have learned that even though people may fall off in high school, they still have the motivation to go back to get their high school diploma. The staff members are great and I can see that they really care. Working there for 10 hours a week lets me see that there are people out there willing to help you. Hard work pays off. – Lateefah Edmondson, 17, Senior

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