Mack’s “Academy Awards”: MC David, awards, rapping

by Lateefah Edmondson

Twenty Mack students won awards Friday afternoon during a school assembly that featured rapping by senior Eric Jones, Victor Smith, and Kia Johnson, dancing by Michael Stills, and introductory remarks and jokes by MC David (McNeal).

The awards were for leadership, most improved academics, attendance, after school leadership. Roger Xu also announced the names of 20 students who already received college acceptances.

The prizes included cameras,  iPods, gift certificates, lunch on the teacher and movie tickets

“ We are here today to celebrate the academic and hard work of students today,” said Cara  Johnson, after school coordinator.

The winners were:

Top in school attendance- Latasha Smith

After school attendance-Shaquille Jackson

New weekly behavior drawing-  – DePaul Nguon- free food , Sabah-camera, Carmen Cumming- 2 free movie tickets.

In school attendence- 9th grade- (Ms. Hereford) Dreshon Moore, 10th grade- Eric Jones, 11th– Jordan Fontaine, 12th– Miriam Neal

Most improved, 9th– Tashaye Taylor, 10th – Theresa Patterson, 11th– Victor Smith, 12th– Chavell Boyd

After-school leadership-Pamela Tapia, MVP- Eric Jones

Class Leader-9th, Ojalique Frison, 10th– Jazier Combs, 11th– Amber Hill, 12th – Ernest Marshall

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