Confessions of a Powder Puff football player

by Anonymous

I’m no athlete.

I had only played football in PE. It was fun and exhilarating to have my adrenaline pumping and fly past other girls on the field.

When the head coach asked me to join one of the two “Powder Puff” teams at Mack, I was nervous: I wanted to play, but I’m not used to performing in front of others.

This was the first year we had Powder Puff football at Mack.

And I love it.

Our team is a hodgepodge of non-athletes. We’re not the fastest runners. We don’t have the strongest arms.

Picture this: it’s our first game and we might even have won, if …we hadn’t thrown an interception.

In the second game, we got some help from boys, all football and basketball players. Now that was a funny sight, watching the gazelles running with the rhinos. Too bad we don’t dress up in costume.

At a small school without the fanfare and schedule of events of big schools, Powder Puff is pure fun. It’s an alternative to homecoming. It brings school spirit.

One response to “Confessions of a Powder Puff football player

  1. Winnifred Herschell

    Football is the very best game ever, I love to look at football on the television whilst consuming popcorn. I bet that all americans would love to watch football in their homes :”,’

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