How One Offensive Song Went Viral

By Pamela Tapia

The situation:  five guys, most of them athletes about to play in the football championship game, produce a song called “Fat B******” in Mack’s recording studio, where they are supposed to be making beats. They refer to several girls by name. The song  — with foul language –goes viral.  The girls are angry and hurt. The school administration has to take action.

You’d expect the guys to be suspended. Yes, they were for three school days but NO FOOTBALL GAMES. You’d expect them to have to apologize: yes, they did, in a private letter to the principal, but not publicly, and not directly to the girls.

“Boys will be boys,” is what one girl reported being told before leaving our school. Another girl reported being told, “Well, you girls STARTED it: you yelled at the boys in the hallways, you were disrespectful. This is just tit for tat.” Their answer: “We were direct, and we didn’t embarrass the guys in front of the entire community.”

According to attendance clerk Sam McNeal, all but one of the girls named transferred to other schools.  Before the girls left, they retaliated by creating a song of their own  — even McNeal found it tame –against the boys who created the original song.  “The boys were to supposed to apologize publicly.  I don’t know why it didn’t happen,” said McNeal.

I feel that the lack of real punishment has affected the culture at my school.  Are we saying athletes deserve better treatment? Are we afraid to hurt their chances of getting recruited?  The boys have not made a public apology to all who were affected by the creation and release of the song. That includes me. I may not have been named in the song, but I found it offensive to all women.

One response to “How One Offensive Song Went Viral

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