Much Ado about Prom: From Gown Talk to Metrosexual Chatter

By Pamela Tapia

“What color are you going to wear?” “Who are you going with?”

The fuss over prom has hit McClymonds. HARD. With just a week to prom, talk about dress color and prom dates has been spreading through Mack like wildfire.

That tradition of one night, dressed up in a gown with high heels, with a new, different, fancy hairstyle and make up, and dancing all night with friends and  a date is causing more excitement than spring break or even graduation.

And the guys aren’t left out. Metrosexuality is the big trend now with most guys wondering about the perfect shade of white for their prom suit and the ideal pair of “Air Force One” shoes and practicing their picture-perfect smile in front of windows and mirrors.

It may seem odd that GUYS care more about their appearance than GIRLS. Imagine.  The enthusiasm over prom will be over a week later, only to be re-sparked by prom souvenir pictures, arriving at school,  inevitably resulting in the never-ending facebook posts with more exchanges and criticism.

One response to “Much Ado about Prom: From Gown Talk to Metrosexual Chatter

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