Mack’s Young Female Filmmaker Talks about Alienation

In this Q&A with editor Pamela Tapia, filmmaker Bonita Tindle talks about her experiences as the only female filmmaker at Mack (so far), her travels, her challenges and the themes that she plumbs.

Q: How many films have your made?

A: I began making films in 10th grade. I experimented with acid and math, which made me forget things and gave me stinky breath.

Q: What inspires you?

A:  I saw a fat guy bending over and saw his butt crack, which inspired me to make a video about “Dancing Robots.”

Q: What will you miss about Mack?

A: I will miss the hos and the man-whores.

Q: What was your biggest challenge?

A: Carrying around 120 pounds of equipment on BART, boom lights, tripods and cameras.

Q: Did your mom ever drop you on your head?

A: On several occasions. My favorite fall was down the stairs. Why do you think I’m an artist?

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