OccupyCal: A Mack Grad Protests and Speaks Out

Marco Amaral lead the marchers in a chat, "Who's Universi... Lacy Atkins / The Chronicle

copyright photo by SF Chronicle

Denzale Johnson, 2011 valedictorian, Mack football player and freshman at UC Berkeley,  was in a San Francisco Chronicle photo of a  demonstration on campus with OccupyCal. He comments:

“I want to educate my friends. I was there to protest an economic system that is corrupted and flawed. It’s a big issue: that 1 percent of the population is accumulating wealth, while 99 percent suffer.

“Tuition is going up 81 percent and it’ll be harder for my younger siblings to have access to a UC. The whole student body was out there. If we don’t step up, who will change the system?

“Mack helped me articulate my position, speak up for myself.”

“It wasn’t my first time [at a protest this year]. I stood out there in the affirmation protest against the Bake Sale [racist sale of cookies for reduced prices], lay out in black in front of Sproul Plaza, letting them know that they can’t walk over us.”


One response to “OccupyCal: A Mack Grad Protests and Speaks Out

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