When Cheering Turns to Jeering

Jovi Dickens, junior, cheeleader at Mack, stayed "out of trouble"

by Joy Scott

Not all of McClymonds cheerleaders will be shaking their pompoms tonight.

A disciplinary hearing was held on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the disciplinary actions taken against McClymonds and Castlemont’s cheerleaders who engaged in a verbal fight during last Friday’s game.  Castlemont won that game 50-47.

“The meeting was about the conduct during the game and holding the culture at games,” said Jeremy Namkung, athletic program director at McClymonds. The cheerleaders had to sign contracts to follow guidelines at all future games and to conduct themselves according to the guidelines.

“It was both crowds who participated in this. They should both take responsibility,” said Namkung.

One cheerleader was banned from cheering at today’s game for refusing to sign the conduct agreement. Extra support staff for crowd control will be brought in for the game against Oakland High School.

Similarly, members of the McClymonds basketball team were discliplined for engaging in a verbal fight. The seniors will not start the game, though they will be allowed to play after the start.

“Both sides were hecka rowdy and competing,” said cheerleader Jovi Dickens, who stayed out of trouble. “People were yelling, ‘Castlemont, take that back to the East.'”

Despite the loss, McClymonds is tied for first place with Skyline High School.

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