Black College Expo: A Student’s Critique

On the spot acceptance by Alabama A & M

by Stephen Vance

My mind was set on Howard University and Xavier University.

There was much buzz about the Black College Expo and the lure of being accepted on the spot. But only a handful of schools were actually accepting on the spot – Fiske and Hampton, among them. We all had worked hard to have our transcripts officially stamped and had badgered teachers to obtain our two letters of recommendations. What a disappointment.

Two days earlier, 14 of my classmates had been accepted on the spot at Alabama A & M, and 7 are pending, as representatives from the university visited McClymonds. That ignited college fever at Mack and honestly, in me.

Dozen of colleges (even CSUs and UCs) were present at the Expo, which hundreds of students attended.

During the three-hours I was there, I stopped by Florida A&M University, Howard, Xavier, Moorehouse, Atlanta Clark University, Hampton, Fisk, and many more.

There were highs and lows with the interactions. High points, in which I was given helpful feedback on whether or not I would get accepted. The low point was the the indifference of the UCLA representative, in sharp contrast with the enthusiasm of the other attending colleges.

4 responses to “Black College Expo: A Student’s Critique

  1. I want to encourage all of the McClymond’s seniors will apply for the Marcus Foster Education Fund Scholarship opportunity. Visit the website for more information. I think a McClymond’s contingent representing in Alabama would be fantastic. You all should make a pact to make your mark in Alabama and Oakland will celebrate your group graduation!

  2. Good luck to all of you applying for college—please let your old middle school and elementary teachers know of your success as well!!

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