Ouch!! Mack takes a loss


with stats from MaxPreps

by Eric Gant

The bus ride back from Sacramento must have been  brutal.  Half the team didn’t show up for school the next day.

The McClymonds Warriors played with passion and determination, but lost to the No. 2-seeded Sheldon Huskies 59-55 in the Northern California Division 1 semifinal in Sacramento on Tuesday night.

“A very tough loss,” said Dalvin Guy, junior.

About 50 students traveled to Sacramento by bus to cheer the team. They were joined by alumni, parents and other Mack students, decked in orange and black.

Sheldon took an early lead, but by halftime, the Warriors had tied the game 25-25.

“The most exciting moment was when we were tied,” said Angelique Villasana. “It was uphill but then downhill from there.”

Sheldon once again took the lead 51-36 in the fourth quarter, as McClymonds attempted three-pointers and narrowed the lead to 51-46 with 1:49 to go.

“Our missed free throws lost us the game,” said Mack coach Brandon Brooks.

Lawrence Otis led McClymonds with 14 points and Dulani Robinson had 13.

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