Mack in Shock and in Mourning After Two Students Die

by Dakila Grayson

It was first announced all over Facebook.  RIP’s and pictures flooded the newsfeed.  McClymonds was mourning the sudden death of very well liked “cool-ass” Charles Hill.

Charles was on his way home from a party in East Oakland, when someone tried to rob him of his i-Pad, a gun was fired and he was shot in the head, students reported.

The other Mack student, Ranzeil Geegan, was in juvenile hall, when he had a seizure that nobody noticed, and died.

“All this shouldn’t happen,” said Davonte Braud, 15, “We are losing too many people of our age.  He was my homie.”

Former classmates reported that Hill was coming home from a party with his friends when an individual approached him and attempted to steal his iPad.  He was shot in the head.

A candlelight vigil was held Saturday night, the day after his death.

A banner was placed at the front door of McClymonds, where students and teachers expressed their sentiments by writing RIPs and messages to Charles.

Mack was hit with another sudden death.  Ranzeil Geegan, 15 and a sophomore, was discovered dead in his cell Monday morning.  He suffered from epilepsy.

“I’ve never had anyone close to me die.  I cried,” said Mayasa Bennett, 17, junior.

Kids were wearing his picture in chains, printed on hoodies, and even teachers were expressing their loss by contributing to the chain-making.

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