At Mack for A Month: Life in a Group Home


by Marius Perry

Oakland is 80 miles from my home — Sacramento. It also feels like it’s a million miles away from my baby Momma’s son, whom I haven’t held in my arms for two months.

I landed at McClymonds because I was sent away from Sacramento — they do that because they want to take you away from your friends, with whom you’ve gotten into trouble. But that means leaving everything behind.

For me, growing up in the streets of Sac-town meant getting in trouble , starting fights , getting arrested also for robbery. I was in and out of Juvenile Hall and got out on probation  only to sell drugs.

My lady babymomma has my adopted 3-month-old son MARIUS PERRY Jr. in Sacramento. I haven’t held my kid in 2months: I miss her and my mom back at home, who struggles to pay the rent . My dad was locked up most of my life. My mom was never really there for me , but she tried her best as a mother .  Growing up was hard because I never got the chance to live my life like a kid.

My life now in a group home is hard: I share a room with one of the other kids . I live with 6 people and I get along with them most of the time. We have to clean much more than I ever have. We wake up too early in the morning for school . The hardest part is having to deal with the consequences of my actions .

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