Why I joined Mamas 4 Obama

President Obama shakes hands with supporters after speaking at a fundraiser at the Fox Theater in Oakland, Calif., Monday, July 23, 2012. Photo: Sarah Rice, Special To The Chronicle / SF

copyright photo by Sarah Rice for the San Francisco Chronicle

by Khristan Antoine

It was curiosity that drove me to the white house in Berkeley, a quiet neighborhood full of popular restaurants like Bakesale Betty.  With my plain black backpack strapped on my shoulders and headphones in my ears blasting Usher’s “What happened to you,” I was greeted by a short, older grey-haired woman who ended up being one of the organizers. ” Cassandra Lopez, an elderly woman in her 50’s with a grey ponytail and small reading glasses, another organizer, asked me and my sister to introduce ourselves. I was the only teenager in the room.

That’s how I became a Mama 4 Obama.

Joining  Mamas 4 Obama has  put me in touch with my political consciousness. I’m more aware of the power of voting and of the importance of  NOT electing a candidate based on his skin color rather than on his platform. Obama appeals to me because he has pushed for healthcare, jobs and financial aid for college.

Now I’m involved in the discussion of how to help the campaign to reelect President Obama. I will join a phone bank to talk to voters and persuade them to vote. But my main focus will be to reach youths like me.

Youths may not be attending the $20,000-a-plate dinner tonight for Obama at The Bill Graham Center in San Francisco, where the President is holding a massive fundraiser. But they are just as vital.

3 responses to “Why I joined Mamas 4 Obama

  1. You have brought up a very wonderful points , appreciate it for the post.

  2. The first time you get ripped off and your camera caught it on tape you will be singing the praises of the equipment. The look on their faces when you show them the evidence is worth all the money spent!!!

  3. good thing is- even if you put fake cameras up= people assume its real and will act as a deterrent which is good

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