Warrior Gets A Facelift

photo by Sana Saeed

by Sana Saeed

Have you seen the really big tall warrior mural in the McClymonds gym?

The artistic facelift of the gym began when art teacher Rosemary Marr sauntered into the gym in September and commented  that it looked “oh so plain.” The school’s top ranked basketball team deserved a better looking gym, she said.

Soon it turned into an assignment for the advanced art class and ten students were assigned  jobs.

Mayasa Bennett and Brandie Hamilton grabbed black sharpies and started tracing a warrior that Marr  projected on the wall. Danny Sola and Marr traced the triangular Indian tribal designs over the bleachers.

The following days, Sana Saeed, Mayasa Bennett, and Toyia Banks grabbed paint brushes and black paint and started painting the traced warrior mural. Marr and the rest of the students finished tracing the other designs.

Marr created a transparency for the word “WARRIORS” in very bold letters. When Marr projected it, she, Mayasa, and Jaylen Kimmel, took black sharpies and traced over it.  As they completed the letters, they grabbed black paint and started painting. Marr purchased $75 in supplies, which included painters’ tape, paint brushes, and of course paint. Her goal was to finish the entire gym by the end of January.

As the work progressed, Marr wanted to paint “MACK HOUSE” in thin black letters with a dream catcher inside of the “O” of HOUSE. And this would go on the opposite side of the gym.

The class also plans to decorate the top of the bleachers with the tribal designs.

To show much appreciation, the basketball team gave Marr a big Thank You card for all her hard work.

One of the students who helped paint the gym, Danny Sola, 17 and a senior, said that her role in painting the gym was to help trace the Indian tribal designs and paint them. She said that she liked what it has become and its progress.

Selena Williams, 17 and a junior, who did not work on the project said, ” It’s cool and it gives the gym a new look.”

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