Rollercoaster Ride: Mack edges Tech 55-54


photo by Anastasia Walton

by Anastasia Walton

It was a nail biter, but in the end the McClymonds Warriors edged their arch-rival Oakland Tech 55-54 Friday morning, solidifying Mack’s position as #1 in the Oakland Athletic League.

“It was hard down the stretch,” said junior Deion Ellis about the second half in which Tech took the lead and shot well from the free throw line. “But we ended up pulling through, with energy and focus.”

The first half was all McClymonds, with strong defense. They led 24-21 at the end of the first half. But that quickly changed, as Tech became more aggressive and the Bulldogs took their first lead 30-28, with point guard Leo Smith and Troy Thompson shooting more accurately and plenty of fouls on both sides.

“I’m glad we won,” said Mack coach Brandon Brooks. “I’m a little disappointed in the defense, but we always figured it would be a close game.”

Tahjee Williams led with 14 for Mack while Troy Thompson led with 18 points for Tech. Mack was able to limit Tech star Leo Smith to 15 points.

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