Clash of the Titans: Xbox vs. Playstation

macksmackpixclashofttitansxboxby Jacob Miles

It all depends on whether you’re a Halo addict or an Uncharted fan.

Your allegiance, that is. Can you be swayed by better graphics?

As the new generations of PlayStation and Xbox evolve, gamers compare and contrast them. Some own both consoles (which is costly at $250 each). As in every high school, the never-ending debate here at McClymonds is about which system is king.

Later this year, for the first time, Microsoft and Sony will go head-to-head with brand new game consoles. While the Xbox 360 had a one year head start on the PlayStation 3, the Xbox one and PlayStation 4 will release within weeks of each other later this year.The close release dates make it harder to buy both consoles at launch. Many will likely have to choose just one console later this year. That choice will determine which side is the most popular.

“I personally think the PlayStation might get more sells because Microsoft never disappoints their fans and will keep them coming just to watch,” said Luckie Lovette, a junior who plays mostly Driver SanFrancisco.

Not everyone agrees. Lee Benson, a junior at McClymonds prefers the speed of the XBox, which enhances his favorite game, NBA 2K.

Gamers argue that the PlayStation is cheaper in the long run, since you don’t have to pay a monthly membership as you do for the Xbox. Others counter that the Xbox provides a better online experience.

While the Nintendo Wii is by far the most popular of the current generation of game consoles with over 96 million units shipped worldwide, Microsoft has had the number two game console position for its Xbox 360. On Thursday, Microsoft announced 1.4 million units of the console were sold in December in the United States, marking two straight years that that the Xbox 360 has been number one in the US.

With the release dates for both systems later this year, the two rival companies brace for battle over sales. It’s the ultimate clash between two Titans, and gamers at McClymonds are eager to play.

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