Confessions of an anxious student

backtoschool2013Teacher Colleen Piper and student Deshawn Nelson prepare for back to school night.

By Jacob Miles

It was every student’s worst nightmare: back to school night. Last Thursday, kids all around scrambled with their parents in tow from class to class, introducing their teachers. Many fidgeted,  anxious about that awkward moment: what will my teacher reveal about me?

“I think this is great to see how my son is doing in class and see how the teachers are holding up at Mack,” Erica Hardaway, parent of senior Danny Cox, explained.

Many parents trotted around, relieved to know their child was doing fine during the first couple of weeks of school, while other parents reacted with dismay at the prospect that their kid might fail at McClymonds.

At McClymonds, it was also different from last year: more parents participated, mostly parents of freshmen, said leadership and life skills teacher Relonda McGhee. “It was a success because many parents showed up for their student.”

On the other hand, some students remained mixed. “I’m glad my mom didn’t come: who knows what the teachers would’ve said about me,” Deshawn Nelson, a senior, admitted.

Many teachers said they were excited to report about their students.

“I kept it straight-up with the parents. Whether their kid is good or not, I let them know ,” Rashaan Curry, history teacher, stated.

It was a night of truth (and consequence).  Students learned how each teacher felt about them when he or she talked to their parent. “I was able to meet and speak with a lot of parents to inform them of their student’s progress and the things to come in my Spanish class,” said Spanish teacher Colleen Piper.

The consequences might become apparent in the next weeks: will it be the parents following their student children next time instead of vice versa?

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