What’s gold, blue, shiny and new?


by Nicole Funes

Now you see him. Now you don’t.

This is not some David Copperfield trick in Vegas: it’s Benjamin Franklin in 3D on the new $100 bill.

Some say the new $100 bill is tacky but the change  of colors makes it visually stunning.

“It looks really fake,” says Ojalique Frison,17,a senior at McClymonds. “It looks like monopoly money and I would rather have the old one back.”

Students and staff at McClymonds said they have had  to adjust to the new features of the bill: its colors, for instance, the blue 3D security ribbon on the side and Franklin’s golden face are jarring, they say. And its texture is odd: Franklin’s shoulder feels,well,ribbed.  “It’s not green and flat anymore,” said Frison.

The old bill was traditionally green and apparently too easy to counterfeit. Now “it looks like money from a foreign country,” said Kharyshi Wiginton, who runs  after school programs for Alternatives in Action. And the bills will  end up in foreign hands: in 2010, Fed chairman Ben Bernanke said that two-thirds of$100 bills are circulating abroad.

So hang on to your Benjamins.

One response to “What’s gold, blue, shiny and new?

  1. I cant wait to see the new $100 bill

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