Pumping iron at dawn: new varsity football rigors

opinion piece

by Jacob Miles

It’s 6:30 in the morning: your eyelids are still glued shut, as your iphone ringtone echoes in the dark. You grab your shorts because it’s time for an EXTRA early morning varsity football workout.

Only at McClymonds.

This year, Coach Michael Peters decided to give the varsity football team an edge: we  are now the only OAL team to be add a morning workout twice a week to our daily practice schedule.

Most of the players welcome the change. “I feel it’s good that we do something different from other OAL teams,” said sophomore Jordan Matthews.

So far this season, McClymonds edged Fremont 21-14 and crushed its arch-rival Skyline (the only team that has won four back to back Silver Bowls) 56-0. Varsity is expected to dominate Castlemont (0-7) this Friday in another lopsided game, according to MaxPreps.

“The reason why we put in the extra work is to show what we are doing on this field.” Coach Peters, an Mack alumnus, said about his team. The coach also said that these workouts will get the team ready for the next level in college .

“In college, man, it’s no joke: you have to get up at 6AM and have full workout sessions to start your day,” Peters say.

The players lift in the range of 165 to 285 pounds.

“Man, I feel so weak in the morning I could barely lift, I still be half asleep!” sophomore defensive tackle Tavion Foster said.

The only advantage of the extra work outs on Monday and Tuesday is that they don’t extend all week and finally on Wednesday, the players get a little extra sleep. The sad thing is though…..IT STARTS AGAIN NEXT WEEK.

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