From President Obama to Miley Cyrus: selfies tell a story

President Obama posed for a selfie with UK PM David Cameron and Denmark's Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. The photo of the incident went viral — garnering considerable attention.

Biggest no-no: avoid taking selfies at a FUNERAL — especially if you’re president of the United States and reporters are covering your every move.

This was a year in which famous people made a splash with selfies — those self portraits taken with your phone: President Barack Obama at Nelson Mandela’s funeral; Miley Cyrus at Halloween imitating Lil Kim; Kim Kardashian’s sexy pose four months after childbirth; Beyonce’s new blonde pixie haido; Rihanna’s gun-shaped teeth bling.

Some no-no’s: no HELFIES: photos of your hair and no WELFIES: workout selfies (lots of guys take them).

“Selfie”, Oxford English Dictionary’s 2013 word-of-the-year, has had a huge presence in social media lately. The hashtag stands 79.6 million strong on

Here are some tips from McClymonds journalism class:

1. Choose your background wisely: you can NOT take a selfie with a dirty ass background (bathroom stall or laundry piled up) (Nya Bradford)

2. Take multiple shots because at least one witll come out good (Hailey King)

3. Take it from a high angle and tilt down (Parrish Kendrick)

Typically male selfie: They show their personality through a color filter, and try to seem cute.

4. Highlight your best feature (profile, cheekbones, dimple) (Anique Gichanga)

5. No duck lips, please (Rayana Delaney)

6. No photobombing (so NOT cool): nobody wants another person in background of selfie (Rayana Delaney)

7. Your facial expression counts (it should match the setting, as should your pose) (Kaya LaForte)

8. The pose matters: don’t look like a hoe and don’t look too preppy (Jaden Nixon)

9. Good lighting — light source in front, not back (J’Mya Gray-Martinez)

10. No clashes in clothing, please: complementary colors, light for indoors, bright neon can work for outdoors (Anthony Beron)

miley kim

Miley Cyrus pays tribute to Lil Kim 1999 VMA outfit at Halloween: bland, imitative and way too revealing

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