Ask Naya: ever thought the person you like might like you back??


Dear Naya,

There’s this guy that I have been crushing on ever since 8th grade and now I’m in the 11th grade.

Still can’t tell if he likes me back; he is always calling me names or hitting me but only when he’s with his friends

When he’s alone,  he’s a totally different guy: I just don’t  know if he likes me or not.

The next day, I went shopping to change my style, hoping he will notice me.

I bought a tank top with some shorts and woke up the  next day and still didn’t get a “hi” — just a glance.

What should i do?


Dear Confused:

First of all, don’t change your look for a guy to like you, just be who you are and everything will play out fine, because if you do change, he may notice. But wait, NO, that is not good; it’s actually bad.

In fact, it’s awful: he will think that you’re so desperate and that you really need your crush to like you.

Then, he’ll just pull away more, because of your desperation. Crushes don’t like it when your an easy target: it takes a good act, one that triples your value.

Just be yourself and I guarantee he will be following you around like a puppy dog, not saying that guys are dogs but they are sweet, and you sometimes want to cuddle with them.


Dear Naya,

The advise you  gave me is great: I just wish I knew how to talk to the guy I have a crush on so that he can know that I have a crush on him without showing it, but how do I?

Still Extra Confused

Dear Still Extra Confused:

Well, if you want to talk to him, why not take it slow: first ask him about himself and get to know each other more before you actually decide to act on your crush.

Act calm, like you don’t care (but you care that he likes you back).

This is Crush Week, so send your QUESTIONS TO NAYA

“Crushes are meant to be kept never broken so keep this crush a secret or your crush is took’n”- by Janaya

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