Lady Warriors edge rival Oakland Tech 67-66 to play in championship


Full house — fans at an earlier game

by Parrish Kendricks

Close-call game; in the final seconds, McClymonds found the adrenaline to  beat Oakland  Technical High School 67-66 at home.

There were 20 seconds on the game clock when point-guard Gabby Gaines dribbled the ball up the court and passed it to shooting-guard Angela Lee. Lee caught the pass and dribbled closer to the court for a better shot; now, with 10 seconds left on the clock, Lee shot and scored a 2-pointer. She was fouled, but there was no call.

Oakland Tech took the ball out with 5 seconds left.

Elayshia Woolridge shot and missed the game winner for her team, providing McClymonds with the victory, and McClymonds with a spot in the 2014 Oakland Atheltic League (OAL) basketball campionship.

The Lady Warriors had gained confidence in the last few weeks, said coach Dennis Flannery.  “Playing at home was a good advantage for us,” he said.

“I thought the game would be pretty close,” Flannery added.

“My game plan was to not let the press hurt them and take advantage of Daisy’s (Powell,who’s 6-foot-4) height difference over her defender,” he said.

As McClymonds heads into the championship game, the team feels more relaxed. “I feel really good we played Skyline twice although we lost but at the time we didn’t have Gabby (Gaines) so I feel she can step up and contribute to get the win,” said Flannery.

Lady Warriors will face an undefeated Skyline team at Laney College tomorrow, March 6,  at 4:30 pm for the OAL championship title.

2 responses to “Lady Warriors edge rival Oakland Tech 67-66 to play in championship

  1. Great article son!!! Way to go Lady Warriors!!!

  2. Rochelle Hutton

    Greatly written article. The writer hit some great points.

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