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Mack’s first male cheerleader: jumps higher, does the splits

silver13malecheerleaderDavonte Braud, a McClymonds cheerleader, poses one of his favorite cheer positions

Story and photo by Anthony Beron

McClymonds’ secret weapon jumps high and moves fast on the football field. But it’s during halftime as part of the cheerleading squad’s festive halftime routine.

Davonte Braud, a junior at Mack, is the first male cheerleader in the school’s recent history. And the only one in the Oakland Athletic League.

Braud does not mind the effeminate connotation allegedly brought with the sport.

“I’ve been cheering since Pop Warner at age 3,” said Braud, who challenges the female cheerleaders with his athleticism, energy and dance moves. “I’ve modeled too.”

The junior has also played football himself. “They urged me to join the team, but I joined the cheerleading squad instead,” he said. He then leaps and does a mid-air split.

Braud was recently threatened expulsion from Mack’s cheerleading team by Humphrey Garrett, a McClymonds School Security Officer, for being obstreperous during a geometry class lecture.

Many feel Braud is a valuable asset to the team. “He’s an athlete like everyone else,” said Darlisha McGlothen, a senior. “He just jumps higher than anyone else.”

However, not everyone agrees. Some of the alumni and fathers tease the players, calling out to them,”He has your jersey number,” said Nakaya LaForte, a freshman who frequently attends Mack sports games. “It’s good natured, but they are kind’ve also insensitive.”

“We just like the cheering,” said Jacquari Warfield, a sophomore wide receiver. As for it coming from a male cheerleader? “I don’t think much about it.”

Four-Peat: Mack dominates Oakland High 44-16 to capture Silver Bowl

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photos by Anthony Beron

by Anthony Beron

Relying on the running game and special teams, McClymonds High School won their fourth consecutive Silver Bowl title 44-16  despite a more zealous performance by Oakland High in a tighter than expected first half.

With no time to celebrate, the team started preparing this week for a possible state championship showdown against rival Central Catholic, which beat them earlier this season in a close game 38-24.

It was Oakland High’s first appearance in the section championship since 1994.

During the Silver Bowl, McClymonds had its challenges in the first half, as they fumbled once and threw an interception. Oakland High scored first on a field goal, which was the first of three by sophomore Jose Rivas.

McClymonds quarterback, senior Emoni Fountain, ran for 8 yards, giving the Warriors their first lead. After a successful two-point conversion in the first half, the Warriors led 8-3.

After another Rivas field goal, the lead narrowed to 8-6.

“We’ve gotten a lot better over the season,” said McClymonds coach Michael Peters. “We have to set the tempo and be more aggressive earlier in the game.”

That increase in tempo finally came during the second half; after a pep talk by the Mack coaching staff at halftime, immediate touchdowns followed. Louis White, a junior, returned the 2nd half’s initiating kickoff from Oakland High to score a 79-yard touchdown.

This stretched Mack’s lead, creating a gulf that Oakland High had a hard time narrowing .

“Their linemen were really uncoordinated and couldn’t keep up with the heat we were throwing. I pancaked my guy twice, and I barely got any playing time,” said Mel Fulava Jr., a Mack junior.

Lavance Warren of McClymonds showed an outstanding running performance, rushing for 142 yards and scoring two touchdowns, while Oakland High’s quarterback, Kesomi Mafi , rushed for 153 yards and threw a touchdown, according statistics in the San Jose Mercury and MaxPreps.

As they await word about CIF Division IV playoffs, Mack coaches are trying to keep their players ready for the post-season.

“We’re just keeping everything crisp on our team,” said Dwayne Patterson, Mack defensive coach. “We’re probably going to meet Central Catholic again. At this point we need to focus on their running game and just beating them; they’re a solid ‘hit ’em in the mouth’ kind of team.”

Pumping iron at dawn: new varsity football rigors

opinion piece

by Jacob Miles

It’s 6:30 in the morning: your eyelids are still glued shut, as your iphone ringtone echoes in the dark. You grab your shorts because it’s time for an EXTRA early morning varsity football workout.

Only at McClymonds.

This year, Coach Michael Peters decided to give the varsity football team an edge: we  are now the only OAL team to be add a morning workout twice a week to our daily practice schedule.

Most of the players welcome the change. “I feel it’s good that we do something different from other OAL teams,” said sophomore Jordan Matthews.

So far this season, McClymonds edged Fremont 21-14 and crushed its arch-rival Skyline (the only team that has won four back to back Silver Bowls) 56-0. Varsity is expected to dominate Castlemont (0-7) this Friday in another lopsided game, according to MaxPreps.

“The reason why we put in the extra work is to show what we are doing on this field.” Coach Peters, an Mack alumnus, said about his team. The coach also said that these workouts will get the team ready for the next level in college .

“In college, man, it’s no joke: you have to get up at 6AM and have full workout sessions to start your day,” Peters say.

The players lift in the range of 165 to 285 pounds.

“Man, I feel so weak in the morning I could barely lift, I still be half asleep!” sophomore defensive tackle Tavion Foster said.

The only advantage of the extra work outs on Monday and Tuesday is that they don’t extend all week and finally on Wednesday, the players get a little extra sleep. The sad thing is though…..IT STARTS AGAIN NEXT WEEK.

Day with the Mack OGs (Oldest Graduates)

photo 3

by Jacob Miles

From the oldest grads of the 1950’s to the class of 2012,  Mack spirit flew all around DeFremery Park on Mack Alumni on September 28.

OG’s walked with canes up to the ones in wheelchairs, each more eager to reminisce about  the school’s victories in sports and its grads’ success in politics.

The smell of old school fish, summer BBQ,and OG’s with beers filled the air.

A sea of black and orange. No drama this year. A few years ago, a fight marred the festivities.

 Alumni Day is more than just memories. It’s always a good time for the alumni to meet the football team that may well make Mack history by winning its fourth Silver Bowl in a row, with  a shot at the state trophy.

The alumni showed as much respect to the football team as the team showed them, students said.

“I just walked passed a booth from the 70s and a alumnus asked me, did I want a plate just because I had on a Mack jersey,”said  Joseph Sanford, a senior and lineman who always finds the picnic “amazing.”

“This happens every year: it’s the best thing that could happen at Mack and for the future too,” said Head Coach Marcus Peters, a McClymonds grad himself.


Bye Week Turns Spotlight on JV Football


Opinion piece

by, Jacob Miles (Varsity Lineman)

Bye week is a time to reflect on our shortcomings (not many) and kick back to “Love no Thoties (by Chief Keef).”

It also shines the spotlight on the JV team, which plays against Menlo next Friday.

“We go set the tone by beating Menlo first, then Varsity will beat them next,” JV lineman Harry Lawrence envisioned.

This year’s JV team is made up of new recruits of freshman, sophomores,  and several juniors. The roster is bigger, the players are larger, and the wide receivers more talented than those from last year.

In light of the varsity team’s performance, there is a different feel: less work, but more running on the track. After a fairly straightforward 44-22 victory over Valley Christian, we are training for our next game at home next week against Menlo.

With a record of 3-1, the team is gearing up for competing later in the OAL (Oakland Athletic League), starting October 14, and  potentially for state competition in December.

“I’m just glad we got a cool week to relax and just chill, but I do want to play this last team so we can go to the OAL and get a ring then go to state,” said senior Randall Coleman.

The coaches are also ready for the season as they continue observing the team’s strong overall performance. “This year will be a whole lot different from last year, because we faced one of the best teams in the CIF division,” said Coach Carlos Anderson. “They gave us a challenge last year, and even though we lost again this year we still got closer than we did last year, and are in the ballpark for another shot at state,” he added.

The entire school seems aware that this year McClymonds could win the Silver Bowl for the fourth year in a row, setting an OAL record.

“This year,” Tyrone Spivey told his football classmates, ” ya’ll could make history.”

Mack Earns Home-Field Advantage But Has To Play At Its Rival’s Gym


by Anthony Beron

The victory dance should have taken place HERE last Thursday. The championship game should have been in the McClymonds gym.

Yes, the McClymonds Lady Warriors made history by winning the Oakland Athletic League for the first time in 38 years. And the boys team, the Warriors won and were undefeated in the OAL.

So what is the pay-off for their hard work and higher seeding in the CIF playoffs: WE HAVE TO PLAY AT OAKLAND TECH, our rival school, instead of playing in our OWN GYM.

And the school is abuzz with that sad reality. “If I had an option,” said boys’ basketball coach Brandon Brooks, “I’d definitely have our team play here because of our strong, enthusiastic fan base.” He thought it was moved to Oakland Tech because of the smaller size of our gym.

Colleen  Piper, Spanish teacher, called the move to have McClymonds play at its rival’s gym “unfair” and “uncool.”

Teacher Relonda McGhee, who favored playing at Laney College, where the Silver Bowl was played, said that “Playing at Tech is risky, because it’s our rival.”

Most students agreed. “We should play here, on our home field,  because we are the champions,” said Danny Sola, a senior.

But some expressed caution. “Playing here can be dangerous,” said Luckie Lovette, a junior. “In the past, the fans have caused a lot of problems.”

While McClymonds students mentioned the unfairness of the situation, the athletes just practiced for the game.

“As long as we have a court and a hoop,” said Lady Warrior Romanalyn Inocencio, “I’m cool.”

Mack football gearing up: “We treat our guys like Sparta”

Mack team after winning the Silver Bowl

Mack team after winning the Silver Bowl

by Romanalyn Inocencio and Selena Williams

It was the winningest week for Coach Curtis McCauley.

His football team made history. The McClymonds Warriors will play in the CIF Football Division IV Northern Regional Championship game Friday night for the first time ever in the school’s history. It is also the first Oakland Section team to make the state playoffs.

The Warriors(9-3) play the Central Catholic-Modesto Raiders at Lincoln High in Stockton. Two buses — one with players and a second bus for fans — will travel to the game.

“What a great achievement for our school and our community,” said McCauley.

The coach himself earned kudos. McCauley won Oakland Raiders High School Coach of the Year. He already had been selected “coach of the week” in week 8 after the Warriors beat Castlemont 50-0.

Despite sports bloggers’ dire predictions, Mack players feel confident that they have an edge. “Our defense only gave up the fewest points (34 in the OAL to Mack’s 387) of any team all season,” said Louis White. He also cited Mack’s speed and the fact that the team had a tough pre-season schedule.

“We’ve come together as a team,” said White.

Michael D. Peters, a Mack alum from 1986 and receivers’ coach,  said that players were reviewing film and practicing hard. “We were seen as underdogs and they give us no props.  They got to see what is coming at them.”

“Our kids are ready,” he added. “We got a good defense, good receivers, good line.”

The strategy in short: “Punch them in the mouth.”

Is Mack prepared. You betcha. “We treat our guys like Sparta from 300,” said Peters.

Three-Peat: Mack Wins Silver Bowl…Will Mack Earn A Spot in Regional Playoffs?

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photos by Breannie Robinson

story by Charlisse Flemming and Breannie Robinson

(with stats from Oakland Tribune and MaxPreps)

With grit and strong defensive skills, the McClymonds Warriors won the Silver Bowl for the third year in a row, crushing the Oakland Tech Bulldogs 38-13 on Friday at Laney College.

“This was great defense by our players; they forced fumbles and took advantage of turnovers,”  said coach Curtis McCauley. “Tech played hard and tough.”

But not tough enough.

The Silver Bowl played out similarly to the lopsided season game against Tech, with fumbles and three defensive scores by Mack, which finished with a 9-3 record and hopes to be in the regional championship game.

Mack senior Kenyatta McGee Jackson rushed for 121 yards and two touchdowns and scored a touchdown on a 60-yard interception.

On Oakland Tech’s first possession, Shaqan Washington picked up a fumble and ran 35 yards for a touchdown, and in the second quarter, Lavon Wsahington returned an interception for a 70-yeard touchdown.

Washington, who suffers from asthma, had to take a break after the run to use his inhaler, which his mother tossed to him from the stands.

“We have 26 players who work hard in practice and came together as a team,” said Washington after the game. “I could be in more plays if I didn’t have asthma, but it’s gotten better over the years.”

The Oakland Tech Bulldogs moved the ball better than the Mack offense, with 271 yards. They scored twice, on a 1-yard run by Jeremiah Vernedoe and again in the fourth quarter on a 1-yard run by quarterback James Lewis.

But a win never seemed within Oakland Tech’s reach.

“Winning the Silver Bowl was the highlight of our season,” said Mack quarterback Keith Williams, a senior who transferred to McClymonds this year. “I grew into my role here easily because everyone treated me like family.”

“We hope our season continues,” he added.

By next week, the Warriors will learn if they have earned a spot in the California Interscholastic Federation Divison IV Northern regional championship game.

Mack dominates Tech after tough first quarter to win OAL title

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photos by Breannie Robinson

story by Romanalyn Inocencio

(with stats fromMaxPreps and Bay Area News Group)

It was the one Oakland team that could have offered McClymonds a challenge. And during the first quarter only,  the Oakland Tech Bulldogs pulled it off, keeping the Warriors from scoring in a 0-0 battle of defenses.

In the end, the McClymonds Warriors did what they have done all season in the Oakland Athletic League: win easily. Quarterback Keith Williams threw bullet passes, leading the team to its 36-14 victory on Saturday and its third straight Oakland Athletic League title.

Mack (7-3 and 5-0 in the OAL)  will be the number 1 seed in the Oakland section playoffs, hosting Fremont this week in its playoff game. The Silver Bowl is scheduled for Friday November 23 at 1pm at Laney College.

The first touchdown for Mack came when LaVance Warren rushed 3 yards. It followed a pass by Williams to Jailen Thompson. Thompson scored the next touchdown on Mack’s next possession. Then Williams threw a 56-yard pass to LaVon  Washington and Mack led 20-0 at halftime.

The fourth quarter began with Mack leading 28-0, when Tech scored its first touchdown on a two-yard run by Jeremiah Varnedoe, followed by a successful point-after kick, making it 28-7.

But McClymonds made any comeback impossible: it scored a touchdown (on a 1-yard run by Williams) and a two-point conversion (by LaVon Washington).