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Mack alumna at Bakesale Betty’s

Brittnie Collins, Mack grad at CSU Northridge, at Bakesale Betty

When it’s hot, the layers come off

by Anonymous
I have nothing against fashion, as long as my school doesn’t turn into the corner of San Pablo and Market.

When the temperature rises, so do the hemlines at Mack. The layers come off. It looks like a beach day. Parts are jiggling. They’re hanging out. YUCK!

Jeans are replaced by micro-mini skirts and shorter-than-short shorts. No more Hollister hoodies, just tank tops and dresses.

Girls shedding their clothes does nothing to help boost concentration in classes. Girls are distracted because they feel the need to either compliment what a girl is wearing or to "diss" her clothing.
- That b***** look like a ho.
-Why she be speaking like that, when SHE look like one!

Boys are even more distracted. They ogle at the see-through tank tops revealing pink or cheetah print bras. Their heads snap to look at short skirts revealing legs, sometimes more than just legs.
I'm not sure why girls dress this way. Some say that they are only trying to express themselves. I say: girls only dress that way because they like the attention they receive from boys.
Then again, why not just go to San Pablo. They'll receive a lot of attention there.