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I’ll just watch the movie “Prom” on prom night


by Luckie Lovette

Prom is a few weeks away, and everyone is getting ready for it.  Except for me.

Prom is one of those school events that everyone says they don’t care about but secretly do.  For me, even if I wanted to, I can’t go.  Tickets, transportation and tuxedos exceed far more than the $100 advised to spend in the once in a lifetime night.

On top of that, being a guy, I’m supposed buy my prom date’s ticket and pay for dinner.  Realistically, we would ride AC Transit to a Denny’s and split an order of nachos, but that doesn’t sound as luxurious as the movies make it seem.

I’ll just stay at home and watch the movie “Prom” on prom night.

Too much hype, too much money

by Eric Abundis

Is prom worth the time, the money, the hype? I don’t think so.

Prom was never a priority or even a thought: it was always a matter of money. I’d rather spend it on clothes I need or school supplies.

I figure prom costs far more than the $60 ticket. A limo. $300. A tux or white suit. Somewhere between $100 and $200. Even dress shoes cost a lot.

Someone actually asked me to prom.

I’m a junior, so maybe I’ll save money and go next year.

Taylor Made: Why I’m Going to Prom


by Taylor Murray

I promised my mom I’d attend prom. That’s the only reason I’m going.

She said, “You WILL regret it if you don’t go.” She also said, “Prom’s a memorable moment.”

But why get all dressed up for one night? The ‘oohhss’ and ‘aaaahhhs.’ The pictures and the lights. It sounds pretty fancy though. I was convinced. But now that prom’s on my mind, what about school?

School vs. social life is a big issue. How can you balance the two? What if I tell you that sometimes you have to choose between the two, between writing note cards on teachers’ salaries and looking for a little black dress.

It seems like everything has a deadline, 40-50 note cards (for my senior project) due by Friday, prom next Friday, and selection of  the college I will attend next year by May 1st. As for my own preference,  I just want to pause my life.

With so little time left at Mack, I want prom to be just right. My hair is a major issue and I don’t know where to start.

As for my senior project, I’ve been procrastinating. I only have TWO note cards done so far! It is amazing how well I work under pressure, so everything I do, will be done the week of.

The one certainty is my college decision. I’ll be going to Saint Augustine’s College, all the way in North Carolina.

Now there’s last minute dress shopping to do. I just hope that my prom night will be all that I expect it to be. Fun with plenty of activity, fast dancing to Wayne’s music, romancing with my date, and eating shrimp and garlic bread. I will take loads of pictures of embarrassing moments so I can post them on my Facebook.

Much Ado about Prom: From Gown Talk to Metrosexual Chatter

By Pamela Tapia

“What color are you going to wear?” “Who are you going with?”

The fuss over prom has hit McClymonds. HARD. With just a week to prom, talk about dress color and prom dates has been spreading through Mack like wildfire.

That tradition of one night, dressed up in a gown with high heels, with a new, different, fancy hairstyle and make up, and dancing all night with friends and  a date is causing more excitement than spring break or even graduation.

And the guys aren’t left out. Metrosexuality is the big trend now with most guys wondering about the perfect shade of white for their prom suit and the ideal pair of “Air Force One” shoes and practicing their picture-perfect smile in front of windows and mirrors.

It may seem odd that GUYS care more about their appearance than GIRLS. Imagine.  The enthusiasm over prom will be over a week later, only to be re-sparked by prom souvenir pictures, arriving at school,  inevitably resulting in the never-ending facebook posts with more exchanges and criticism.

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