Mack Lockdown: Students Shocked That Baby Critically Hurt in Kafani Shooting

by the macksmack staff

with AP wire service and newspaper reports

McClymonds High School was on lockdown Wednesday afternoon after police and school officials  decided that the shooting of a 1-year-old, a few miles away on Monday, might still pose a danger to students.

Police have not arrested any suspects, according to press reports. They are trying to piece together the events that led to a gun battle, during which Hiram Lawrence, just weeks away from his second birthday,  was critically injured. A man and woman were also seriously hurt.

McClymonds was locked down after a call from the Oakland Police Department, a security guard said. “We don’t know what could happen,” said the guard who didn’t want to be identified. “Kids’ lives could be in danger.”

This was the second time the only high school in West Oakland was on lockdown.

“It was sad to hear the news. People at the basketball game ran to see who did it,” commented Dion Ellis,14, a sophomore.

With over 100 homicides in 2011, shootings in Oakland have become the status quo, students said.

“Some people were shocked about the shooting mostly because it’s uncommon to hear about a baby being involved,” said Dontarion Layne,14, a freshmen.

However, community organizers held a healing circle Wednesday night to pray for the toddler, demand services and open community centers for residents in Lower Bottoms/West Oakland. About two dozen people attended.

Witnesses initially said that Oakland rapper Kafani was making a music video at the parking lot where the shooting occurred. But  in a series of tweets, Kafani denied that he was there, though his promotional van was.

“It’s crazy how I’m being blamed for something and I was at studio the whole time,” he tweeted Wednesday night.

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